New Trex Fencing Installation Videos

Based on popular demand, Trex Fencing-FDS Fence Distributors has produced how-to installation videos for both Trex Seclusions and Trex with Horizons Fence Systems.  Trex Fencing has never been easier to install with FDS Fence Distributors’ new installation videos walking you through every step:

The Trex Fencing-FDS Distributor how-to videos will walk you through the various steps of building a Trex Seclusions fence.  Steps include setting the fence posts, attaching the Seclusions brackets, assembling and placing the bottom rail, cutting and attaching the pickets, and placing the top rail. The installation videos also feature finishing steps including securing the pickets to the vertical front rails and installing the post caps.

Be guided through the process of setting your posts and brackets to the correct measurements, placing the horizontal top rail, attaching the vertical front and back rails, and cutting and hanging the pickets with correct measurements. The Horizons video also includes finishing steps of how to secure the pickets and install the post caps.

Click the videos above to see how to assemble a section of either Trex Seclusions or Trex with Horizons fencing in just a matter of minutes.  The new how-to videos are easily accessible to be used by contractors or even DIYers. Keep an eye out for the soon to be released Spanish translation and upcoming video content from Trex Fencing-FDS Fence Distributors! Click here to view our entire video gallery.

New Trex Fencing Installation Videos
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