Post Cap Solution for Larger Posts


Trex Fencing posts manufactured prior to 2010 may have a 5-1/2” x 5-1/2” profile. This profile was discontinued in 2009 and replaced with a 5” x 5” post. The post caps used for the larger post also were discontinued and the new caps will only fit the 5” post. If post caps are needed for the discontinued posts, the current 5×5 caps can be used with an internal insert (adaptor) that is set inside the cavity of the post and is attached with finish nails or screws.  The tops of the posts will need to be cut down to allow the bottom of the posts caps to sit at 2-3” above the top of the top rail and the newly exposed portion of the existing post may need to be cleaned.

The new post caps will require time to weather to look similar to the older Trex material. Caps are still available in flat top and pyramid styles. Trex Fencing – FDS Fence Distributors is the supplier for the post caps and adaptors. Contact FDS at 877-700-8739 or FDS@TrexFencing.com.

5-1/2" x 5-1/2" Post Modified for 5" x 5" Cap

5x5 Post caps for Trex composite posts

Post Cap Style

Flat Top Post Cap for Trex Fencing Post in Saddle color
Flat Top
Pyramid Post Cap for Trex Fencing Post in Saddle color
Crown Post Cap for Trex Fencing Post in Saddle color

Do you need replacement post caps?

Call or email to purchase 5×5 post caps.

An adaptor for the 5" x 5" Trex post caps used to attach caps to obsolete 5.5" x 5.5" posts
Post cap adaptor sits inside posts. New caps sit on top of adaptor.
Post Cap Solution for Larger Posts
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