Project Spotlight – Scenic Privacy Screen – Cody, WY

Project Spotlight – Scenic Privacy Screen – Cody, WY

Sitting in the Northwest of Wyoming is a hidden gem, Cody.  Cody is a small, but historically rich, town, known primarily as part of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West.  Cody has a variety of different museums and is located near the historic simulation town of Old Trail Town, where you can step back in time and explore city life in the wild west. Amidst a town that focuses so much on its historical aesthetic, one homeowner is looking for ways to stand out.

The goal was to create a privacy screen for the house side porch, but one that wouldn’t detract from the view either. Additionally, the owners loved the look and feel of the Horizons Fence System, and wanted it incorporated into the design.  Trex experts at FDS Fence Distributors began brainstorming and designed a unique privacy screen option they believed the homeowners would love.

Using the Horizons Fence System, as the owners had requested, the privacy screen was installed by a local installation company to include a 4 ft tall Trex fence followed by a window-like opening, topped by an additional 1 ft. fence.  The screen allows for the homeowners to enjoy privacy on their porch while still enjoying the view of the surrounding area.

Beyond aesthetics, this Trex screen offers added benefit against the weather conditions in Cody.  With frequent windy conditions, a durable and wind resistant material would be essential.  Luckily, Trex passes these requirements with flying colors making with a wind resistance capable of withstanding speed up to 110 mph.  Overall, this unique screen will not only grant privacy, but will also withstand any harsh weather for the homeowners they enjoy quality time on their porch.  


Project Spotlight – Scenic Privacy Screen – Cody, WY
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