Can I Paint or Stain My Trex Fencing?

Trex Fencing Does Not Require Painting or Staining -- But You Do Have The Option

Although Trex Fencing does not require painting or staining, refreshing it with a coat of paint or stain or applying another color is an option if desired. Like wood, Trex is semi-porous so paints and stains that adhere well to wood can also be applied to Trex fencing. Paint or stain can be applied at any time during its life.

After weathering, Trex will retain its colors throughout its life because of the pigmentation process during manufacturing. The three colors: Saddle, Winchester Grey, and Woodland Brown will lighten after a season of exposure to the elements but will continue to stay colorful as it ages. For customers that prefer a darker version of the three colors, applying a paint or stain will achieve that. If a customer prefers to change the color altogether, use a opaque paint that will completely obscure the color underneath.

What paints and stains can be used?

Consult with your local paint materials provider to determine the best paint or stain products to use. Behr and Sherwin Williams provide paints that work well with Trex composite and they suggest the following:

  • Behr | 800-854-0133 | Deck Premium Plus Exterior Solid Wood Deck Stain (no primer needed)
  • Sherwin Williams | 800-474-3794 | S-W Deckscapes ext. acrylic Deck Stain A15-150 SeriesS-W Woodscapes ext. acrylic Deck Stain A15 Series

We recommend you apply a small amount of paint or stain to an area of your fence that is less visible to test the results. This will ensure you are happy with the results prior to applying the material to the entire fence.

A picture of a Trex fence in Saddle color that has been partially repainted.

While painting or staining your Trex fence is not necessary, you can apply the material to refresh the original pigment or to change colors.

Is it necessary to let my Trex fence weather before applying paint or stain?

Yes. Allow your fence to be exposed to the elements for approximately 12-16 weeks before applying paint or stain. To avoid the paint or stain becoming discolored and compromising adhesion, this waiting period is necessary.

What is the suggested process?

These four easy steps will help you apply your paint or stain successfully:

  1. Allow the fence to weather in the elements for approximately 12-16 weeks.
  2. Clean your Trex Fence to remove dirt, grime, and other foreign substances. Do not paint over the top of mold and mildew. For additional help on how to clean your fence, refer to the Trex Fencing Care & Cleaning Guide.
  3.  Test the paint or stain on a small area where the fence is less visible to make sure you like the results.
  4. Apply the paint or stain as specified by the manufacturer.

How long will the paint or stain on my fence last?

The length of time the paint or stain will last depends on the quality of the material and the harshness of the environment around your fence. However, paints and stains on Trex Fencing will last as long or longer than paints or stains on wood. Trex Fencing absorbs minimal moisture so the paint or stain will not chip or split to the degree it will on a wood fence.

How do I clean my painted or stained Trex Fence?

Review the paint or stain manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning. Additionally, read the Trex Fencing Care & Cleaning Guide for general guidelines on cleaning and maintaining your Trex fence.

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