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When you are looking to buy Trex Fencing, it’s important to find the type of fence that fits your needs. Trex Fencing offers options for privacy fences that include the horizontal Horizons as well as vertical Seclusions variation. Shop Trex panel styles to decide which is best for you. Trex not only offers different styles of fences, but it’s easy to buy Trex fencing that is the perfect height. Trex Fencing is offered from as short as a 2-foot wall topper, up to 12 feet tall.

With the diversity of style comes diversity in taste. When you buy Trex fencing, make it yours with post caps that fit the style of your yard. FDS Fence Distributors offers three types of post caps for your fence.

Buy Trex gate panels that are specifically designed to meet the needs of your fence. Choose from single gate panels for a yard or pool area, or go with double gate panels to accommodate larger items like a car or boat. Trex fencing is not only designed to withstand the elements but fits all your fencing needs.

Further, customize or replace the hardware on your Trex fence with available individual fence components and gate hardware components. FDS Fence Distributors is a one-stop-shop for everything you need when you buy Trex fencing.

If you need assistance when you buy Trex fencing, contact FDS Fence Distributors today and find out how our experts can make your fence buying experience hassle-free. Fill out our online contact form or send an email to info@trexfencingfds.com. You can also give us a call at 1-877-700-8739. Our Trex buy online service makes it easy to choose the style, height, and hardware, and components that go with your Trex fence.

Shop Trex fencing with FDS Fence Distributors online and you’ll quickly see why we’re the best place to buy Trex. We can provide services that will get your next fence from the first steps of choosing what’s right for you through installation.

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