Fence panels from Trex are the perfect privacy fence solution. The fence components are made from Trex’s composite materials and the fence panels are designed for long-lasting, low-maintenance durability. Trex fence panels are available in two styles: The Seclusions fence panels kit with vertical pickets and the Horizons fence panels kit with horizontal boards. Both styles of fence panels use the unique interlocking picket system that gives the Trex fence a striking alternative to wood fence panels. The components come unassembled to give you tremendous flexibility in constructing your fence by allowing you to adapt the height, width, and slope. You can even integrate other types of fence components to create a custom design. Ready to buy Trex Fence Panels? Visit our Shop to select the right fence panels for your next fence.


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  • There’s a lot that goes into designing a beautiful, quality fence. The pickets and posts not only need to be built from strong, durable material, but the fence panels and components should be able to withstand the elements and daily usage over the years. Trex fencing is assembled with fence components that work together to create a fence that will not only stand the test of time but look beautiful doing it.

    Components of fences from Trex include high-grade fence posts that are designed to take a beating. Trex composite fence panels provide the beauty of a wood fence with the low-maintenance qualities of PVC or vinyl fencing. You won’t have to worry about your fence getting taken out in a wind storm as these posts are rated for over 130 mph winds at 6-feet tall. For added rigidity, your Trex fence posts used for gates are reinforced with Trex gate post stiffeners. These come in two variants to meet specific functions. The heavy-duty post stiffener is used for large or tall gates, whereas the C-channel gate post stiffener is used for standard and smaller gates. The heavy-duty variation is a 7 gauge (3/16-inch) galvanized square tube steel post stiffener with an outer dimension of 3-½”x3-½”. The C-channel stiffener is a 12 gauge galvanized steel insert. Both allow hinge fasteners to go through the Trex composite material into the steel thereby securing the hinges. The open side of the C-channel allows bracket screws from adjacent panels to attach without interference.

    The Trex posts won’t rot, crack, twist, or get eaten by bugs because of the composite fencing components used to create the posts. The formula for Trex composite fencing posts consists of approximately 50% wood flour and 50% reclaimed plastics, with additives for adhesion and pigmentation. The wood provides rich color absorption, density, and a natural-looking appearance while the plastic encapsulates the wood to protect it from rot and insect damage. The result is a strong, dense, durable composite lumber material.

    Your Trex fence panels and fence components are designed to be rigid and strong from bottom to top. The pickets are engineered to interlock in order to provide increased strength as well as reduce warping and bowing. For the Seclusions fence panels style, the bottom rail is reinforced with aluminum and allows vertical pickets to rest in the rail channel. Because aesthetics matter, you’ll never see the aluminum as it is concealed with Trex bottom rail covers that easily slide across both sides of the aluminum rail. Lock the pickets of your Trex Seclusions fence panels in place at the top of your fence with a contoured top rail, which easily sits down over the pickets. Trex with the Horizons horizontal fence panels system from FDS uses a rail and bracket system to join your pickets to the fence posts. These fencing components are made from galvanized steel with a black textured matte powder-coated finish.

    Trex Seclusions brackets and angle adaptors are made from high-strength, glass-filled nylon in order to maintain their durability over years of weathering and temperature changes. These dynamic fence components allow Seclusions fences to follow steep slopes and can be used for various heights. The Trex angle adaptors allow the lateral angle of the fence to be manipulated 22.5 degrees per adaptor.

    Complete your Trex fencing with beautiful and functional Trex post caps. Choose from two contoured variations (with multiple chamfered and beveled edges): flat cap or pyramid. These caps are composite fence components and provide an attractive finish to your fence panels system. A chamfered PVC crown cap is available for those that prefer a simple design. The Horizons steel post cap is attached to steel posts (optionally used in place of the Trex fence post for a more contemporary design).

    Contact FDS, Trex Fence Distributors, today to get your Trex fence panels & fencing components. You can give our team a call at 1-877-700-8739, or send us a message using our online contact form. Our experts will help ensure that you can easily get these beautiful and unique components of fences for your yard.

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